Get to know me

My name is Jordan Macdonald

✺ Wildly inquisitive about this existence ✺

✺ Wildly in love with the intricacies and systems of human beings ✺

✺ Wildly passionate about expressing our true essence, honouring each unique creative force, the beauty of the Spirit and following our blueprint through deep Self Connection ✺

✺ It’s through these values, fascinations, loves & guidance that I support female founded, owned & directed conscious businesses -

Businesses revolving?
Feminine embodiment
Feminine leadership
Self empowerment
Sexual empowerment, intimacy and pleasure
Conscious relationships
Holistic therapies
Subconscious healing / parts work /
Spiritual business mentorship
Sound healing
Handmade jewellery
Organic, Earth friendly skincare & apparel

As a heart-led, versatile virtual assistant caring for & managing the administrative, marketing & client/customer service aspects of your business. 

Meaning I’m also passionate about organisation, arrangements, marketing, engaging with community and administrative tasks. 

My intention is that

your mission is honoured by wholly devoting yourself to it and by delegating important business tasks to a virtual assistant who values your mission. 

Excelling in and passionate about organisation, sacred business development, honoured creativity, soulful impact & time management - I deliver your requests in perfect order and when you need. 

I’m fuelled by passion to aid you in achieving your potent vision(s) and support you with sharing your essential medicine and/or craftsmanship.

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© Jordan Macdonald VA  

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