“I absolutely loved the time I had Jordan on my team as a virtual assistant.

From the moment we connected, I could tell how much heart and soul she pours into her work.

For Jordan, this isn’t just a job to clock in and out of every day.

It’s a heart and soul-led mission she is fulfilling.  

I truly felt like Jordan constantly went above and beyond her duties. Not only did Jordan always complete her tasks on time, but she also added extremely valuable intellect and creative input with her tasks.

She was communicative throughout the entire process and always made me feel supported in building my business.

Thank you Jordan for everything you poured into the business, and, for the lovely energy you always brought into my day to day.

I am beyond grateful for you!!”

Sol Embodied — Self-Love & Empowerment Coach

“I’m so grateful for your wonderful contributions and helping me grow my business with so much fun, ease and grace! You made my life so much easier and I love your work ethic, you respecting deadlines and your beautiful supportive energy!! Grateful for you”

Cat Caitlinn — Astrologist, Business Mentor & Podcast & Retreat Host  

“Jordan is like a shining light of support. Her commitment is clear from word go that she is showing up 100% for your business. She balances a commitment to work outcomes, following timelines, writing and creating content, and providing open-hearted support. She shows up to meetings on time, energised and ready for the next project. Jordan is great at following directives, completing outcomes and is a keen, fast and willing learner of new systems and processes. Jordan is an especially great match for heart-centred entrepreneurs wanting someone whose values align to create a powerful impact with their business.”

Reclaim Her — Feminine reclamation, coaching, soulful workshops

“The initial intention, I'd love your support in birthing this course I have, and how it really turned into birthing Rubia all over again. Standing alongside me as I birthed new pieces of me.

Your ability to see me. To feel the heart of my words in crafting newsletter, website copy, captions. To really hold the vision of and for Rubia. It has felt like the biggest widest warmest sun. The utter delight that can come when someone recognizes, understands, believes in what you are doing. The way you could strengthen a sentence, or point to what hadn't quite yet formed yet, there's something here. The ways you have held and breathed faith into me and this business -- appreciating the ways she can be so spirited, so spritely, so unexpected in her own way.

It is not lost on me. The ways you are so intentional with your own words, ritual, the unique ways you've shown Love. Touches that have made this whole process feel quite sacred. A moment in time. Something to celebrate, to notice, to savor. This happened.

I close my eyes and feel into my body, and being in your care feels like a soaking sun after months of clouds. A sister across the globe who is building a business from the same heart-led, body-led, Spirit-led space.

Thank you, wholly, fully, from my whole heart.”

Erica Rodas - Rubia — Womb & Body Reclamation facilitator

“Jordan has assisted our company with blog posts and content for social media and has been super efficient and talented in handling all tasks. She is talented and works quickly to deliver first class results - thanks Jordan for all your hard work”!

Dani - Owner of Furr — a natural dog grooming brand

“She never fails to submit to her deadlines, and she always shines creatively. I’m sure if you just give her a call you will hear the way she carries her words, there is always a beautiful flowing symphony.

She has truly helped me in needed times with her bright forward thinking. Jordan knows the right way to market a story or topic”

Shannon Webb —  Sustainable clothing brand

“Bare Naturals used Jordan Macdonald’s social media marketing services to deliver an informative awareness of our products to the wider market, and successfully increased our customer base. Jordan uses modern innovative ideas combined with an infectious positive attitude, and this is reflected in her style of marketing, which resulted in increased interest in our products.”

Bare Naturals — Organic skincare brand  

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